Myths and Realities

It is our aim as a supplier, of what we believe to be the best brick system worldwide. We supply quality products to the building industry that are the best available, with over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience, we believe we can acheive anything with bricks.

In our time we have discovered lot and always had skeptics but our products when installed to specifications leave no questions unanswered. Here we would like to run through the nature of the building industry and the economy we live in as well as technology and our firm beliefs.

In Australia and worldwide masonry products for centuries have been the builders choice for strength and durability. Pyramids with their healing lime based mortars are a testament to its longevity and societies have tried to come up with better masonry systems since then.

Today with modern engineering we strive to improve on previous concepts sometimes with mixed results. It is our nature now that we engineer things to have a set lifespan, modern cars electrical equipment etc are now far more technologically advanced whether regarded as better or worse than predecessor. Cars are lighter with less steel everywhere and more where it matters, houses use timber made from small sectional size with increased spans due to truss technology, and are built on top of foam blocks. Now with these advances brick systems have changed although not for the better.

For a solid masonry wall you cannot beat a double brick home as the design has truly been tested one wall compliments the other to assist with bearing the load, also giving good density to assist with climate and noise.

Now with a brick veneer home the brick is purely for cosmetics as it bears no load as the timber frame behind does this and in fact the timber frame is supporting the brick wall as well as the roof structure floors walls ceilings and furnishings, footings are designed with this in mind and a whole range of problems then need to be solved such as timber shrinkage, flexing of frame members, rotting and insect problems to name a few. This is not to say it is a poor quality system just engineered to be different. Maybe serving a better purpose in an area say with unstable soil or similar that would be impossible for double brick to cope with.

So like placing steel into concrete, brick cladding companies use this principle to give a masonry wall with all its benefits without being dragged down by weight. The thickness of the masonry is not an issue, provided it is supported such as with a wall tile, many old homes have original bathrooms and those bathrooms are often in better condition than the brickwork outside although built at the same time.

It is a tile system if you like made with bricks to look like a brick wall, and when you remove the issue of weight you solve your problems. Many hardened builders don't understand this concept and will steer clients to brick veneer although at the same time install framing members made from softwood that will shrink warp and twist and barely rated for their purpose. 

We believe that our product is the best system as it is strong enough to whether any storm light enough not to cause foundation issues and being cut from real brick is a true masonry wall. Also as brick is a conductor of heat we can insulate with true insulators to give better insulation than normal brick. And the best thing is it is brick so no maintenance issue, no painting, still supportive and lasts a lifetime or more. And can easily be replaced or repaired just like a tile, makes sense really.

To finish of I would like to add that if a builder can to your house 40 years ago and said your internal walls will be made from gypsum powder and cardboard they would have been shown the door, or the seller selling it to them. And yet know how many buildings are built with gyp-rock plasterboard as their internal lining and we all love it. Hopefully food for thought ....................