Brick Cladding Commercial / Shopfitting / Special Projects

Steel Backed Brick Company is also heavily involved with the shop fitting and commercial industries. our product can be used to make huge savings in these industries due to to it's application and versatility.

For instance if you wish to cover a wall with permanent displays then why brick behind to support a few bricks bricks above. And can you imagine space savings when shop sizes are small.

We work with many shop fitters from restaurants to fashion and fast food restaurants to make projects happen on time and within budget making us your first choice if you need it done and done now with minimal fuss and first class quality that is maintanance free.

We work with design teams and architects to show how savings are made and yes we do travel interstate and across the world to install our products.

Please contact us if you require any of these services as we can create any brick wall you can take a picture of, and make it move ...... check out the video in the gallery !