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Welcome to the exciting innovation known as brick cladding, a real brick cut into a tile and placed into a unique steel backing system to form lightweight brick systems.

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Real Brick – not a brick look tile

The Steel Backed Brick System is true brick although it has been cut similar to a look like a paver or tile.  This makes for extremely strong brick walls at one third of the weight of brick veneer. 

Not only does this make the wall stronger but what makes this different is that this allows bricks to solidly brace of the steel sheet, allowing the mortar to penetrate through giving strength to the system. This is similar to the way steel is placed into concrete, thus giving strength and flexibility, Strong, durable and long lasting !

Using the Steel Backed Brick Veneer System gives the project real advantages in insulation and problematic situations as the Steel Backed Brick Cladding system utilizes a true cavity wall system making it true brick veneer.

This cavity is constructed of two layers, firstly builders insulating foil (sisilation/sarking) then separated by two perpendicular facing treated pine battens. This allows the brick cladding system to form a still air cavity providing true insulation from the sarking, at the same time it braces of the existing frame or clad walls to give depth to the overall system.  You are also able to install sill brick header coarses and proper reveals and also allows for walls to be straightened for dead straight brickwork. 

As the Brick Tiles are cut from real bricks and at a thickness of 28mm they keep their strength and also will act once installed as true brickwork requires no maintenance. 

What this means is that most of the bricks that are on the market today whether new or old can be put into the system, although some are more economical to utilise such as sand-stock and dry pressed.

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With the options and experience available – we can honestly say…..

We can brick anything !

Strong and versatile and certified against earthquake and cyclone zones as well as mine subsidence areas. Certified by CSIRO.

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Second storey additions, extensions, commercial interiors, bars, fibro homes anywhere where a lightweight cladding is necessary.

 Brick Rumbling, for that colonial look and Brick Re-pointing, mortar replacement , let us quote your project now.


Why settle for fibro, weatherboard or any other substitute, when you know you can have what you want …....... Real Brick


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