Installation Guide

 Brick Cladding Easy Install Guide

 The installation of the Steel Backed Brick Cladding system is quite easy and any handy person should be able to acheive good results.

 Firstly the steel is installed level and plumb to the substrate at 450mm - 600mm spacings, then the brick tiles are installed and coarsed out as required . This is then followed by the mortar which is pumped in (usually with a pipe bag).

The steel sheet is normally 1800mm which works most stud spacings, it is three brick coarses high or 259mm at 87mm gauge. This is fixed at 4 points per stud, the same applies to masonry.

The sheet is manufactured to have a top and bottom so ensure that the lugs are pointing upwards once installed. The sheets are the secured up to each other, top to bottom or bottom to top. We recomend, to fix the complete bottom edge by either nailing or screwing along the entire sheet length before moving up the steel sheet.  This will stop any creep and keep good tolerance levels. When done this way, this way it assists staying level but it is always best to check regularly, as 2-3mm per sheet can get very out very quickly.

Next install the brick tiles by placing them into the track resting on the lugs ensure they are as hard on the backplate as possible. Do Not install anything more than a meter above head height until mortared in to place. The best way to install is to coarse out two coarses around the job to space so as to avoid cutting if possible.

Finally we make a mortar mix using sand cement lime at 6:1:1 ratio and add a small capful of detergent to a 20kg mix. This should be mixed in a mixer so that their are no lumps and should be a wetter mix than for normal bricklaying but only just.

Next we use an industrial sized plastic icing bag to fill the joints, this is the best way we have found and is very quick. Run the bag at least 5mm inside the edge of the brick face so it goes through the tile and steel which will lock the tile to the steel. 

Once the joints are slightly cured you can tool the joints as with normal brickwork.

This is a quick guide to installing our sytem but full instructions are provided when ordering .