Steel Backed Brick Veneer vs traditional brick veneers

► No demolition or rebuilding of veranda’s or pathways

► No extensions to the eaves

No footings or foundations needed

No major plumbing alterations

No digging up gardens

No bulk material on site

Lightweight so no extra structural support is usually required saving costly work that only ends up stressing foundation support anyway.

Satisfies council requirements easily allowing for council shade diagram solutions in real brick.

Allows for additions to homes in brick covenant areas that would need to be knocked down to achieve a second story in brick.

Able to construct in Earthquake zones and Mine Subsidence areas with ease

 Quick and simple to install

   Cleaner, Faster and More Economical  

Steel Backed Brick Veneer eliminates the costly "extras" usually associated with brick veneering


Steel Backed Brick Veneer is ideal for extensions, especially second storey ! 


Second storey additions can now be done in Real Bricks without major structural alterations!

We can match the existing brick or you can find a suitable blend from the extensive range offered.

Steel Backed Brick is REAL BRICK CLADDING it can be used in perfect harmony with conventional brick or composite construction.

Why not when you are extending your existing ground floor home – why not get what you really want – A REAL BRICK HOME – brick veneer the whole house and get the comfort and style and re-sale value of real brick vs manufactured cladding !

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