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The Steel Backed Brick Systems are available in 4 separate forms these are:


 1. Steel Backed Brick Veneer - Creates a true cavity wall. A 50mm cavity is created, this allows for wall straightening if needed and the ability to create correct reveals soldiers and sills. This is our premier system, whereby we can achieve true insulation through the still air cavity and by utilizing two layers either side of this with high grade insulating foil. 25 year guarantee

2. Steel Backed Brick Cladding - Brick Cladding utilizes a single layer of insulating foil on an existing frame. This presents cost saving but walls must be straight as cladding follows the frame. Sills and reveals will not be present as normal although their are many architectural ways to even enhance the appeal of the reveals and sills. 25 year guarantee

3. Steel Backed Brick Glue On - A true brick tile to glue on to any wall or substrate. A suitable glue for the substrate is used and the brick tiles installed as would be wall tiles using mortar spaces, this system is ideal for internal feature applications or external applications where height is not a factor,

4. Steel Backed Brick Block Walling System - The use of sandstone and other masonry blocks is easy with Steel Backed Brick, as long as it conforms to usual masonry sizes. We can fit varying thicknesses to the system or even cut tiles from your own stock.




What ever your cladding needs we can offer the best solutions that can save thousands of dollars and can make building approvals far simpler.  


Steel Backed Brick You Made The Right Choice.